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How We Serve

We have a couple of different ways to work with you based on the level that you and your children qualify. We will ask that you apply so we can best evaluate how we can best serve you and your young prodigy. Our programs are meant to help parents with children with businesses turn their revenue into passive income.

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Parenting A Prodigy
Boot Camp

In order to build a business from the ground we must make sure the ground is sturdy and the soil is rich...

So this program is created to address the very foundation that is usually missed when it comes to creating success for our the parents the skills needed to empower their children.

We will help you guide your kids into their purpose while parenting powerfully. Using the 7 pillars, we will walk you through every shift you need to make as a parent that will change the life of your family and change the direction of the family for generations.

Bonus: You will be set up to make a six-figure passive income stream


Purpose and Profit

We leave courses behind for the go karts and inflatable obstacles and instead engage you in a 6 week coaching experience that will teach you how to pull out the shining potential in your prodigy. You'll need some shades for that new shine once we are done (shades sold separately).


We will build the following areas so you and your prodigy can build a successful brand:

* Business Structure
* Marketing
* Media Training
* Sales
* Public Relations
* Authorship
* Speaking


Profit And Passive Income

Ready to turn that Lemonade Stand money into and sweet flow of income?

This program is for children and families that have a business or soon to have a business and that are serious about generational wealth.

We don't just skim the surface, we dive to the core and walk through the entire process with you. We've set this up so you get all the knowledge and support you need to setup your child to be out of your pockets before they reach adulthood. 

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