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Teenage Students Raising Hands


Can you really help my kids make more money?


Yes. Our approach isn't  a click a button cash grab. We are discussing how to take the things your child does already and then help them turn up the cash flow. Then we take that money and put it into other money making vehicles that have proven returns.

You talk about investing often? Can my kids invest?


Yes and no. We will work with you all to make sure your kids are educated on how to invest and that you as the parent are setup properly in the right accounts to be able to take action.

Is my child the right age for you to work with?

Our sweet spot we work with are preteens (11-13) but we can work with children that are younger depending on their current ability and those that are a bit other as well. Reach out to us and we can see if they qualify.


What is your cancellation policy?


All cancellation s will depend on the program and are subject to change. Generally, most of what we do will have a 7 day cancellation policy but please read the terms of the contracts and agreements for the specific programs.

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