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About Parenting A Prodigy

Unlocking The Potential Of Our Young Prodigies

Are you ready to empower your child and create a legacy? Do you dream of changing your family for generations to come? At Parenting A Prodigy, we equip parents with the tools, knowledge, and information to empower their children accomplish success beyond the typical classroom. Specifically, we help you and your child use the power of business to create a vehicle that will open up opportunity for you and your children that you never imagined.

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Janel Bailey-Jones


Janel is a thought leader and a skilled strategic planner with 25 years of leadership. She served in the United States Army as an officer and while successfully building multiple seven-figure businesses. She has a degree in Psychology with a focus on Children and Masters Degree in Leadership and Business Management.

Since assisting her prodigies with starting their business and generating seven figures in less than 3 years, Janel has transformed her children's business into a legacy brand while working full-time in the Army as a single mother. Recently, the Momanager has stepped out of her role as the VP of The Truth Speaks, to create Parenting A Prodigy and shift her focus to helping parents create passive income for their young prodigies.

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